H&R Towing Ltd.

Private Impound Services

Are you the owner of a private parking lot, and are you fed up with the amount of unauthorized parking you have to deal with?


H&R Towing Ltd. offers a ‘Private Property towing’ service that is available throughout Surrey, BC. The service of private property towing is also referred to as Private Property Impounding, and Enforcement towing.


If you have a problem with people taking advantage of your private restaurant parking
or residential parking, our private property towing services can solve this problem.
This service enables us to tow a car from your private property that is not authorized
to be there. This enables our private towing service, to remove unauthorized cars
at no expense to you.


H&R Towing Ltd. provides a tow truck service for private property towing for professionally managed multifamily and commercial properties. We also do commercial towing for body shops, garages, and car dealers.


Do you have a parking problem that involves:

-Fire lanes?
-Handicap lanes?
-Parking on sidewalk or grass?
-Blocking dumpsters?
-Blocking entry or exits?
-Abandoned vehicles, flat tires, leaking fluids?
-Doubled parked (over the line that causes others to have to park inappropriately?
-Too many residences and not enough parking?
-Other issues not mentioned?


We are a towing service company that specializes in private parking lot maintenance of your commercial property in Surrey, BC. Our tow away services covers all of Surrey, BC.



We address these issues and work with the management company /owner to resolve problems that in turn will enhance the value and the overall look of the commercial property.



Contact our office and let one of our private property tow away specialist evaluate your property. Our storage lot and office are located at: 8327 124 St. Surrey, BC V3W 9G2. Our office phone is answered 24hrs a day, 7 days a week at  778-564-7774.